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Yappadappadoo- Revolutionary Multi-Platform Apps Review

Introducing Yappadappadoo

Hey my dear and highly esteemed cryptocurrencies sphere cryptocurrency investors,like I am fond of introducing you to reliable and promising projects in the cryptocurrencies sphere,I bring before you today a platform/project that offers you unique opportunities that challenge Google Play & Apple App Store,a platform that unchain Apps with Blockchain ,a platform that revolutionalizes and give its users world wide no need for downloading,installation and updates for any applications available on the astonishing Yappadappadoo StoreThe 21st century will forever be remembered as the century that ushered in one of the most disruptive technologies in the history of mankind:the blockchain.The breakthrough of this technological phenomenon continues to revolutionize all spheres of human endeavors.We live in an era that is increasingly influenced by technological advancements.Their roles and importance in our daily lives have become increasingly more meaningful and,in many cases,inseparable.With real technological advancements birthed by the advent of the blockchain technology,mind boggling developments of real time solutions to the world’s problems have not ceased.


No download.No establishment.No updates.Sufficiently smart to work offline and exceptionally quick.Free of individual devices and working systems.Progressive Web Applications (PWA) upset the app-advertise like Spotify and Netflix improved the situation music and motion pictures.Yappadappadoo is the first and right now the main app store for progressive web apps.It is assessed that the worldwide app incomes will develop to around 180 billion US-Dollars by 2020.For egotistical reasons Apple App Store and Google Play Store fear PWAs slaughtering their money dairy animals.They don’t offer these progressive apps –and will continue doing as such to the extent that this would be possible.Apps and In-App substance can be purchased with yappadappadoo Tokens,the Flints (FLI). Designers will be paid with tokens as well and likewise ready to get to preconfigured feature-parts or promoting administrations.The Blockchain payment system will dispose of unjustifiably high commission charges for small scale payments,thereby comprehending one of the best and most key issues of the app-economy.The yappadappadoo Blockchain rating-and impetus system will be both straightforward and secure against control.

Key features of PWA

Progressive Web Applications are a blessing for growth markets like India,China and Africa,where most users can only avail of poor network coverage and lower quality hardware.India,for example has 20% of all mobile phone users worldwide. However,99% of the network coverage in India is still based on 3G.Early adopters like Trivago,Alibaba,Twitter,Tinder,Pinterest and Forbes are already enjoying remarkable success with PWA,achieving significantly higher user-engagement, better conversion rates and longer usage times. PWA beat native apps in all disciplines.There are only two reasons why we have not yet seen the rapid spread of PWA.Firstly, these high-performance,first-class applications are based on new technology which is just reaching ready-to-market status.Secondly,app-developers are only now catching up with the expertise necessary for producing PWA.Of course, for purely commercial reasons,it is not possible to find this type of application in the dominant app stores of Apple and Google:web apps will eat into their business!The yappadappadoo Store is the first and currently the only app store for PWA with links to the Blockchain for payments,smart contracting,app selection and reviews.Therefore, yappadappadoo does not store any personal user data –we operate with Blockchain-IDs only.

Road Map

Token Details

WHITELIST: 4 JUN 2018 – 4 AUG 2018
PUBLIC SALE: 4 JUN 2018 – 4 AUG 2018 (0.13 USD = 1.0 FLI)
HARD CAP: 16,000,000 USD
Restricted areas: United States, Canada, China, Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Burma, Côte d’Yvoire


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