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The First Global And Decentralized Ecosystem Linking Service Providers And Customers Platforms-FRELDO


Freldo is the largest economy in the United States,based on a combination of SMEs.According to statistics,US GDP revenue in SMEs is 62%.In principle,they are small businesses that provide public services.Starting from dozens to dozens.In addition,with the inspiration of presidential success,many people are planning to iduk future.Studies show that about 20% of company employees eventually get out of their own.The environment that performs these activities is very much a small business and a business that seeks customers in the US market every year.A very similar situation occurred in Canada.Statistics show that about 3 million SMEs provide half the economic capacity in the private sector in the country.In addition,Canadian SMEs account for 27% of GDP.

Token Structure

Development and implementation of blockchain technology.Increase platform security.Marketing and attracting new users.Customer service andsupport.Administrative and legal services.

 Token Bonus

Everyone who search for reliable businesses can use our network to earn money for your business.Wondering how is it possible?The answer lies in this simple process.You can recommend a particular service that is listed on Freldo to anyone in your social circle.If they are availing the services,you have recommended;you will earn money as a commission.Freldo will save not only marketing activities and services,but also financial transactions the introduction of its own cryptocurrency and the provision of instant, absolutely safe money transfers without additional commissions.

Market Problems

A typical phenomenon was the optimal use of resources for small businesses. When it comes to focus on the development of the project, entrepreneurs need to invest time and money to run an online store or offline store, create a different ad campaign, etc. They made. D. Freldo, Sunday, small businesses usually have to spend extra money. However, even after such investments, they are spent on a substantial monthly basis to support work or knowledge management efforts. In addition, small businesses often face bureaucratic problems. Unnecessary costs when making payments. There are other risks and costs that reduce small business efficiency and market competitiveness.

Customer Problems

The market situation causes a number of serious problems, including customer service focused on small businesses for customers:a potential client can easily find offers of large companies on the Internet. However, it is difficult to find unique products offered by small businesses. In most cases, the services of this segment are not represented at all in online stores.Insufficient presentation of the material. Often, small business services are presented as poorly as a potential customer can not provide objective information about the quality and essence of the product. As a result, the buyer refuses to look for large corporate offers.It is not possible to verify the reliability of customer feedback in the services provided. Often, only publications that provide benefits to the provider are published. In most cases, the company is organized by the company itself, and the client is removed from the road.


Freldo solves many of the problems faced by modern services markets by offering.Quick and convenient search functionality using specified parameters.No fake reviews (users recommend services to friends and relatives,which means they are not incentivized to deceive.Order of goods and services directly from their Freldo account.Safe transactions and transparency thanks to blockchain and smart contracts.

Freldo Sale Details

Token supply800 000 000
Pre-ICO, ICO600 000 000 (75%)
BlockchainEthereum ERC-20
Price1 ETH = 5 000 FRECN
Start of Pre-ICOJuly 16, 2018 to August 16, 2018: discount 50%
Start of ICOAugust 17, 2018 to September 17, 2018

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