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Swachhcoin waste management Platform-ICO REVIEW

Introduction About Swachhcoin

Swachhcoin is a unique blockchain-powered attempt at micromanaging wastes from households and industries and efficiently converting them into useful products. These products, at the end of the process, will be of higher economic value. They intent to delve into the realm of, but not limited to green-energy, fertilisers and power generating gases as of now. But given the rapid progress of fundamental research on efficient product conversion, They look forward to adapt and better the existing working technology.Swachhcoin is a unique blockchain-powered attempt at micromanaging wastes from households and industries and efficiently converting them into useful products. Swachhcoin is looking at trying to provide a waste management system that is going to be incorporated into the blockchain. Their system is also going to be fully decentralized, but it will be perfectly understandable if you are sitting there wondering what they mean by a waste management system, and how the blockchain can be used in order to improve things.

What is the missoin Of Swachhcoin

Swachhcoin aims to develop a revolutiobary model platform to disrupt the wastemanagement sector using advanced coming of age technologies,understand that Swachhcoin need to build up a network of highly capable and influential partners who will catalyse this process. Swachhcoin is already working on it and has been successful thus far. We have finalised partnerships with number of

organisation and are also in the final talks with more of them to come aboard. The names of our partners and collaborators will be strategically revealed as suggested by the team managing our ICO campaign. This process has also been made easy with the help of our parent organisation Community Tech Labs which has experience of launching a number of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.
Large scale expansion and platform adoption on a global scale opens up large scale manufacturing opportunities to manufacturers,


Solutions OF Swachhcoin

The best way to encourage people to properly manage their wastes will be to incentivize them monetarily for proper waste disposal and raise their awareness
about the issue. This is the core of the proposed solution Swachhcoin offers. Also, it is scientifically proven fact that the amount of high-economic-value outputs that can be obtained from the accumulated wastes is tremendously reduced due to various types of waste being intermixed,thus degrading the unique property/individuality of the same. Swachhcoin will implement waste segregation at source in SwBINS to eliminate this problem. The traditionally running waste management industries have poor infrastructure and the archaic technologies available to them greatly limits their operational abilities.

Business Structure of Swachhcoin Platform

The platform offered by Swachhcoin is unique in number of ways. Currently there are other waste management platform but none of them are as broad and as technically advanced as Swachhcoin. Some of the features which makes us unique are:
Users are given monetary incentive to manage their waste ,whereas, traditionally people used to pay
for their waste to be collected from their homes.

The range of outputs produced after processing the waste are over Twenty.
Leveraging not one, but four most advanced technologies i.e. AI, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain.
Freedom to sell and buy produced output in both Fiat and Tokens.


Tools Technology of Swachhcoin

Swachh Adaptive Intelligence:Refers to the customized application of Adaptive Intelligence technology to increase the efficiency in operations, specifically in the processing of the waste to produce the desired output by making equipments ‘intelligent’.

Swachh Big data: Refers to the customized application of Big Data to enable integration of advanced methods during transportation, collection, and distribution of various inputs and outputs as well as automated machinery decision based on past experience

Swachh Internet of Things: Refers to the customized application of Internet of Things to enable complete remote access and control of indoor and outdoor waste processing equipment and thus enable dramatic increase in efficience.


Token sale structure

Token name: Swachhcoin
Symbol: SCX
Price:1 SCX = 0.04 USD
Start Date: 01 Jul 2018
Finish Date:; 31 Jul 2018
Platform Ethereum
Total Supply: 400,000,000
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap:18,000,000 USD
Country: India
Accepting Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH),


Roadmap of Swachhcoin


OUR Development Team



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