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Review Of Maketoken

About Make

my dear readers.And here came the long-awaited vacation and now I’m ready to introduce you to interesting projects.To do this,I will publish the most promising projects in my opinion.And you read,think and make decisions for yourself.It is no secret that the daily use of digital media is growing at a high speed.Now,perhaps,it is quite difficult to find a person who has never been associated with digital media.Thus,according to official statistics,almost half of the population,or to be more precise,3 billion people use social networks every day,for various purposes.Whether it is a means of communication,or viewing media files,or saving data,digital media has come to life in the modern world.enter image description here Today,probably, everyone faced a laborious process of search of the saved information in digital media.For example,photos,videos and other files marked as liked by you are scattered across different social networks and have not long saving in the network.Now let’s imagine what it will look like with the MAKE platform.Absolutely all your favorite photos,videos and files you can sort and view again from anywhere, from any device,using only a personal plugin.


ShiftWear apparel revolutionizes fashion by enabling anyone to instantly customize their sneakers and hats with digital media using flexible displays.

Token Delivery

All tokens distributed via smart contract immediately after token sale.
All necessary KYC/AML information must be provided by purchasers.Public Token Sale Duration:3 months.

User Friendliness

Our platform intends to put users first.We want to create a seamless user experience than anyone entering the ecosystem can instantly benefit from. We’re introducing familiar ways of browsing and sharing media while adding very intuitive new methods that make the process even faster and easier.


The idea of the project is really unique,thus attracting great attention from investors.Network “virus” has already absorbed most of the daily time,so why not optimize this process?The MAKE project is a solution to many of the problems that exist today.

Token Distribution

MAKE is a high-quality media platform created by users that distributes its work throughout the network.The created content IS based on blockchain technology,and uses smart-contracts,which in turn will ensure full transparency and security of operations carried out on the platform.


All media content on the platform will be featured in customizable  feeds built from tags,users,or even other feeds.This process will make  content discovery much simpler,faster,and more effective.Instead of having  just one feed like many other content platforms,MAKE​TM ​will let users compile  as many as they want and switch between them instantly.For example,a  blockchain feed constructed of tags like and   may be browsed for all of the latest crypto news where a separate feed for  fitness may be accessed instantly by navigating through a feeds menu.Any  user may easily follow another user’s compiled feed.Users who collect great  content and create popular feeds (“Trendsetters”) may earn tokens from  advertising in their feeds.


Ads don’t have to be annoying.On ​MAKE​TM ​we want our users to embrace ads.We do this by creating a gamified experience and by connecting brands with people who support them.​If ads were fun and innovative games that fit user interests instead of intrusive billboards,we believe that chances of brand engagement would increase
significantly.​Also,ads promoted by trusted influencers prove to be more effective overall than other digital advertisements.Finally,if ads paid you,you likely wouldn’t want in-app advertising to be turned off.We are developing all of this and more to create an atmosphere where brands and consumers can work together.

Token Sale Maketoken

Private-Sale:Sept 1st - Oct 30th, 2018
Pre-Sale:Nov 1st - Jan 20th, 2018
Public-Sale:Jan 21st - Feb 28th, 2019
Price:1 MAKE = 0.01 USD
Soft cap:2M USD
Hard cap:25M USD
Unsold Tokens: 50% Airdropped. 50% burnt.



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