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Introducing Inrating

All good day and mood! We all love social networks,almost every day we look there to find out what happened in the world,from other people,we post about travel, gifts, significant events,that is,we use it for communication that has no boundaries,for watching movies and other interesting activities.The creators of these networks are using our time and monetize it with advertising,promotion of goods and services of various companies,introducing games where you also need to buy different artifacts,skills,to pump your hero.They earn a lot of money,while using banking and electronic payment systems,which take a considerable Commission for transfers, sometimes delayed.In General,I lead to the fact that our information,personal data are used by a centralized body,which is not so well protected and it attracts hackers,liars.In a burst of excitement,we can tie their Bank cards,do not see that there may be subscription fees or save this data.Someone uses for fun,someone to earn money,many well-known people are easy to advertise products via your page or group and live only on that.But not everyone can or can do it.And you can start to monetize your time with almost the same simple actions with the help of the social network application InRating and eliminate the above disadvantages,which uses blockchain technology.

Benefits of the InRating

The fake accounts on the InRating network will begin to disappear.And it’s all thanks to the use of the option of recognizing people and block.The network will host a unique category “Stock Exchange”,which will promote brands,sell products and services.Virtual and real communication will be combined.The network will use built-in filters during the search for a person taking into account the age, sphere of human activity and so on.The network menu will be quite entertaining.In addition, users of this social network will be able to create and participate in charitable foundations,launch various contests,open firms,universities .InRating is an amazing product that solves non-standard solutions for users of social networks.

  Ico Details

As part of the PRE-ICO,which will be held from June 4 to July 4,you can buy coins at the rate of 1 INT for $0.5. Minimum investment – 0,3 ETH.It is planned to sell no more than 1 000 000 INT.The first round of ICO will last all August, the rate is 1 INT for $0.7. The minimum investment is 0.2 ETH, it is planned to sell a maximum of 4 000 000 INT.The final stage of the ICO will be held in October, the coin will be sold for $0.8.Minimum investment-0.2 ETH,sales – no more than 11 000 000 INT.If sales exceed the planned volume,will increase at the expense of the tokens of the founders.The distribution of tokens using a smart contract is planned after the ICO.This is a decentralized social application that will give you the opportunity to create personal and business accounts, promote brand,advertising of goods and services,but without the participation of any intermediaries and for certain actions you can receive tokens of the INCoin platform.The project is international and is already available on 4 different platforms and 15 languages,and the most interesting feature that I liked the most is the translation of messages into 100 languages,voice and phone messages into 44 languages in real time,it gives a much larger audience coverage for companies,media persons and bloggers.


Distribution Token

To Sale At PRE-ICO And ICO50% Of Emission
Remains For Project’s Founders42% Of Eemission
Team Reward5% Of Emission
Bounty Program3% Of Emission


Additional information


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