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InRating Ico Review-your personal social media-space

What Is InRating

The existence of a person outside the society is impossible and is fraught with the development of mental disorders.Every day,billions of users spend an average of up to four hours on various social networks.These services allow you to share information with other people,even if they are in the most remote corners of the globe.In the process of development,social networks have been transformed into platforms for the consumption of various media.Today it is easy to create the desired image,to Express yourself,to inspire the masses,to promote your products and services with their help.In a burst of excitement,we can tie their Bank cards,do not see that there may be subscription fees or save this data.

Main Advantage  Features Of The Site

The project seeks to adopt the successful features of social networks,while getting rid of their shortcomings with the help of modern technologies.Let’s see what the new network should appeal to ordinary users,business owners and marketers.This network provides its own customers with such unique opportunities:Users will be able to use to communicate messenger,which has a unique translator.
Each participant will be able to monetize his own personal and commercial account.
Will begin to disappear the fake accounts on the network InRating.And it’s all thanks to the use of the option of recognizing people and the blockchain.
The network will host a unique category “Exchange”,which will promote brands,sell products and services.The application is available in the web version, for the operating system Android and Ios already more than 3000 thousand active users,now the team opens the pre-sale of tokens,which give the opportunity to use the functions of the platform,to advertise,to encourage others.

Details of Inrating Ico

Within the framework of InRating, two types of coins will function – InToken and InCoin.InCoin will be used by participants for payments within the social network. It is planned to release 32 000 000 InToken.Of these,50% of the coins are planned to be sold at the PRE-ICO and ICO.42% of the tokens will go to the funders, 5% will be given to the team,and 3% – to the bounty program.You can pay for coins with Ethereum,Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dash,Zcash,BitcoinCash,Bitcoin Gold,Ethereum Classic.As part of the PRE-ICO,which will be held from June 4 to July 4,you can buy coins at the rate of 1 INT for $0.5.Minimum investment – 0,3 ETH.It is planned to sell no more than 1 000 000 INT.The first round of ICO will last all August,the rate is 1 INT for $0.7.The minimum investment is 0.2 ETH,it is planned to sell a maximum of 4 000 000 INT.The final stage of the ICO will be held in October,the coin will be sold for $0.8.Minimum investment-0.2 ETH, sales – no more than 11 000 000 INT.If sales exceed the planned volume,will increase at the expense of the tokens of the founders.The distribution of tokens using a smart contract is planned after the ICO.

Road Map


Tendency Of Inrating

Compared to other startups,there is already a working product,several partners,and this already says a lot,the application updates are released periodically,so it is worth to study the company in more detail on these links below.

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