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Eminent Project Ico Review


Introducing About Eminent Platform

The BeepBeep Nation mobile application for iOS and Android offers an all-in-one solution for our users to solve their daily problems very quickly, allowing them to help each other when urgent help is needed.It does this by facilitating the connection between a person who needs help (“applicant”) and the person who provides help (“helper”). From getting the latest and freshest information from real people in specific places, to getting trips or places to stay from people in specific places who do not mind helping other users, to getting quick help in cases of distress, including people with medical emergency or those who lack a member of their family or a pet at that time and who need help to find them quickly, and more: BeepBeep Nation makes the request and provision of any type of help as efficient and effective as possible. that they can be.
Applicants may choose to reward helpers with a gratitude tip after the requested assistance is provided. However, the applicant is not obliged to offer any type of tip, but if one is offered, the assistant is not obliged to accept it either.Both applicants and assistants treat each other independently of BeepBeep Nation, and BeepBeep Nation does not participate in any agreement between them.

Token Ecosystem of Eminent

1. Applicants can pay beeps and settle secure transactions in EMN tokens
2. Applicants can only buy EMN tokens from exchanges or obtain rewards from BeepBeep reward mechanics.
3. Assistants can receive gratitude tips in EMN tokens, companies can use EMN tokens to buy BeepBeep value added services off the platform at a preferential rate.
4. The assistants can sell the EMN tokens in the exchanges in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiduciaries.


We have raised USD500,000 from angel investors to build the application, which is now ready for launch after the ICO.
We are raising more funds with ICO to market the application, starting in the United States.
Here is how the funds will be used:

Roadmap of Eminent

Q3 2018
Beep Beep Nation application beta release
Optimizing Ul / UX based on user feedback
Launch of the BeepBeep Nation application in the US app store. UU / Google Playstore
Q4 2018
Token and wallet development Token and wallet
integration with the BeepBeep Nation application
Development of the fict-token exchange engine to calculate the payment in tokens for users to pay to use the functions of the BeepBeep Nation
Q1 2019 application
Enabling token payment among users
Enabling token payment by users to use the features of the BeepBeep Nation
Q2 2019 application
Developing the token stakeout system to use certain categories with the BeepBeep Nation application
Developing additional categories / functions within the BeepBeep Nation.

Token Models:

Token Features

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