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What Is Eiplatform

Eiplatform market is growing at a great rate.A compound annual average growth rate of the audience is higher than that of any sport in the world.According to the Deloitte report,Esports will be the most prospective sport for the next 5 years.A growing number of global brands are paying attention to the Esports market,which attracts them with its increasingly growing audience.Prospects for the monetization of the Esports audience attract the maximum attention of major global brands.Despite the incredible growth,the Esports market in global have two major interrelated problems:heavy expenses for ineffective marketing campaigns,and on the other hand,most of the audience doesn’t have access to the main Esports budgets.Eiplatform As of today,small beginning teams,beginning streamers, medium-sized tournaments and tournaments of local significance do not have access to the budgets of major brands.Often,major brands are interested in a local or selective audience,but they continue to work only with top teams / major tournaments / top streamers,as they show impressive figures. In this situation the brand hits the target audience with large budgets that do not provide maximum efficiency,and the main part of the audience does not receive budgets from top brands. In addition,a large part of the budget is taken by various intermediaries and agencies.


Loyalty Programs

Automated mechanisms of encouraging the loyalty are one of the best ways for Brands to reward the regular customers.Engagement and Payments processed by smart contracts will provide evidence that the customer has the right for reward. Brands establish rules for loyalty programs,such as the validity period,list of products and services for which person can spend rewards,amount of reward,etc. Tools of rewards for engagement and loyalty will be embedded in smart contracts that receive from Brands the funds for paying rewards and distribute them among those who provide evidence, linked with the wallet of the consumer.

Road Map

There is an interesting and quite detailed Road Map of this project.It is planned for years ahead.  


EIP will be targeting both streamers/viewers and brands/promoters.In essence,the platform will be divided into two separate areas –one that will be of interest to brands,and one that will be of interest to e-sport fans.Both segments of the EIP Platform will make use of the EMI token for various functionality.For example,users will earn EMI tokens by watching streamers that brands endorse on the EIP platform.The brands can allocate a certain number of EMI tokens to be distributed to viewers for watching one of their streamers.In this way advertising of a certain endorsed gamer can happen directly brand-to-player,bypassing the need to use traditional third party marketing agencies.The benefit to brands is huge since they save a lot of costs on administrative fees and wastage,since a lot of the fees they pay to marketing agencies are wasted on expenses completely unrelated to acquiring viewers of their endorsed gamers.The benefit to gamers is obvious –no longer must they be coerced into watching streamers via ads,instead they’ll be directly rewarded for doing so on the EIP platform.

Token Distribution

Product Development45%
Operation And Business15%
Market Makers & Adviser15%


EIP is founded by people who have much experience in this industry.Many of workers have more than 10 years of experience before they started to work on this project.EIP ecosystem will be the first global decentralized platform directly linking sponsors,partners,gamers and Esports enthusiasts.Brands and Companies optimize their expenses for sponsorship by directly reaching the audience they need,and audience eventually gets access to the budgets of leading brands.EIP also use Blockchain and Smartcontracts.It is self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code.



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